Arrival in Heraklion, Crete!

Our Greek travel adventure has begun! After getting settled, we checked out the town square and decided to go for a fish spa. Elise could hardly keep her feet in the tank because the little fishies tickled her so much. The hotel had a handy stack of cards featuring Crete’s most epic beaches. I picked what I thought were the 3 most stunning – Balos, Falassarna and Elafonisi – and got to work planning our beach-hopping itinerary. In the evening, we strolled the harbor and seaside promenade, and had our first Cretan meal. From everything I’ve read, Cretan food is supposed to be the best in all of Greece, and happily, our Greek salad and chicken souvlaki were every bit as fresh and delicious as expected!

Heraklion - tiny tourist - @World Travel Mama

Heraklion fish spa - @World Travel Mama

Heraklion, beach cards - @World Travel Mama

Heraklion harbor at dusk - @World Travel Mama

Heraklion, strolling the seaside promenade - @World Travel Mama

Heraklion, Cretan salad seaside - @World Travel Mama

Heraklion harbor at night - @World Travel Mama