Paleochora, Crete

I love breezy, cheery Paleochora. It’s a coastal town like (gritty) Kissamos, but it has a marvelous vibe – perhaps because it’s a peninsula, and so more like a tiny island in its own right. The sign for the beach points both east and west (joy!), and the cafes along the seaside and in the pedrstrian zone are overflowing with familes with kids, even well past sundown. Elise loves that there are friendly cats everywhere. And while it’s not unique to this town, I’ve also come to enjoy the tradition of having watermelon for dessert – and sometimes a sip of raki.

Paleochora cat, Virginia Studios, Crete - @World Travel Mama

Paleochora beach sign, Crete - @World Travel Mama

Paleochora, Virginia Studios, Crete - @World Travel Mama

Paleochora, Galaxy Restaurant, Crete - @World Travel Mama