And off we go!!

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After 32 hours of travel (3 flights, an overnight in London, and 17 hours in the air), we arrived in South America! Thanks to a great frequent flier mile deal on business class tickets, the journey was not as grueling as it might have been. I felt so good seeing Elise delight in the extra perks. She was greeted at her seat with a box of chocolates. She then discovered her toiletries kit, cashmere blanket, and plump pillows. But the biggest treat was seeing her own big screen with an extensive movie selection. When I asked her how happy she was on a scale of 1 to 10, she said “a gazillion”! She also loved the free snacks in the lounges. But, alas, one apparently quickly grows used to extra comforts. By the time we boarded the third flight (technically first class, but a smaller plane), she was disappointed that the screens were so much smaller and, with a little harrumph, turned on her side and went to sleep. We’ll be making all sorts of adjustments on this trip, up and down, and I hope she’ll come to appreciate bumping along a dirt road in the back of a pickup or staying in a simple thatched roof bungalow on the beach as much as the occasional luxuries.