Waiting in Quito to get to the Galapagos

It seems that the website for the local airline does not like foreign credit cards, so we returned to Quito to book our flights to the Galapagos in person at the Tame office. On the bus into town, instead of using Google Translate to attempt to ask a fellow passenger in Spanish where to exit, I used the lazy man’s method – Google Maps – to watch our bus make its way in real time to our neighborhood, La Mariscal. Worked like a charm. But after having spent more than a week in the mountains, it felt rather jarring being back in a big city. Still, it wasn’t a total waste of time because we succeeded in getting our tickets and, in the meantime, discovered a vegetarian restaurant with an extensive menu (The Maple), an Argentine restaurant, and one serving Brazilian and Surinamese dishes, as well as a fun coffee shop. The highlights included quinoa salad, traditional Ecuadoran soup with fish and yucca, grilled corn served with cheese and mayo, grilled chicken in a ginger sauce (which Eise was not keen to eat), and a terrific potato salad with green peas and pineapple. Delicioso! While we were in Quito, I also tried to find a pair of Craighoppers anti-mosquito trekking pants (mine are too loose, but after our culinary escapades, I’m guessing it’s because the fabric has stretched, lol), but none of the camping stores we visited carried them…so it’s off to Santa Cruz in super saggy pants.