Fairytale houses in Copacabana, Bolivia

We lucked out and got a reservation at Las Olas, a delightful cluster of fairytale houses on the hillside overlooking Lake Titicaca. I thought Elise’s first choice would be the Sea Tower, which is fit for a princess.

But it was love at first sight when she saw the Shell House! It had three levels – a kitchen, a guest room and bath, and master bedroom on the top floor with round beds and windows, and a ceiling that spiraled up to a point. For $49/night, it was an incredibly inexpensive way to live a little magic.

We had our own garden with hammocks, views of the bay, and even a fireplace (though we didn’t light it because it can worsen altitude sickness). You could even order room service from the restaurant if you wanted – including cheese and chocolate fondue.

The icing on the cake was that there were llamas in the garden and the staff gave Elise bags of food for them!

In the evening, we tried the fresh trout at the waterfront market ($4!). The lakeshore was pretty at sundown, though the swan boats looked a little eerie in the falling light.