Fun 3D illusion art in Chiang Mai

My intention was to visit the Lanna Folklife Museum, but it was closing early so we went instead to Art in Paradise. It was 4x the price of the other museum, but oh! it ended up being so worth it. You could use their app to capture 3D animations, such as a giant croc snapping at your kid hanging from a tree or her dodging boulders in King Tut’s tomb or cowering before a wheezy shark trying to do a proper Jaws impersonation. There were also gentle scenes. One of my favorites was one in which Elise looked around at falling cherry blossoms on a bridge in Japan. To watch a compilation of the animations we captured, click here or on the image below.

There were also 3D illusion photo ops. Most were paintings that played with shadow or perspective, such as a floating God pouring a glass of wine or a flying carpet.

Other illusions made use of special installations such as rotated rooms, pictures frames that were actually windows, and a fake pool that made you look like you were underwater.

Elise got the biggest kick out of the one that made me look tiny and her enormous (she stood next to the legs of a chair while I sat in the background on the ‘seat’), whereas my favorite was the one of her hanging from a picture frame.