Bucket list

Oh, what joy it is figuring out which countries to visit on a round-the-world trip! This list will surely change over time, given additional research, world events, and budget planning, but here’s an intial stab:

SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina, Chile, Ecuador (the 3 countries Elise’s Dad lived in when he was a child), as well as Brazil, in honor of Elise’s half-sisters’ heritage

AFRICA: Namibia to photograph the Skeleton Coast, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania/Zanzibar, Madagascar

MIDDLE EAST: Israel, Oman


ASIA: Japan (where I lived for 3 years after college), China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka (perhaps instead of India, which I’ve visited twice already)

SOUTH PACIFIC: Australia, New Zealand for epic treks, Fiji for blissful tropical relaxation…and…the island nation of Yap, which I’m obligated to visit because I swore as a teenager I’d go wherever my finger landed on the globe. Lol, when else but during a world trip will I be able to meet this obligation?

That’s 19 countries – already 3 more than what a round-the-world ticket covers, so I will have to put a lot of thought into making adjustments to this list over time.

We’ve launched!

World Travel Mama giving her Mini-me a kiss

Dear World, It’s official! Today we’re launching our World Travel Mama blog to chronicle our one-year, round-the-world travel adventure.  The trip has been a forceful idea in my mind for years, and now that it’s less than 365 days away (eeek! yay!!!!), the planning starts in earnest. This means researching flight tickets, health and safety issues, homeschooling requirements, financing options, and, most fun of all, best countries to visit. Stayed tuned for posts on these and many other travel-related topics.